The Sun after the Storm

New England may be the windiest part of the United States, but Icelandic wind is scary. The day prior, this narrow pass marked the turn that takes you from the sheltered leeward side of Iceland to the windward. This knowledge was of extreme importance as I prepared to drive through this pass in the face of a 968 millibar storm which the Icelandic weather service characterized as a "violent storm". In America, we call it a Category 2 Hurricane. Cars are regularly blown off the road in Iceland, or rendered immobile by wind-driven volcanic ash and stone.
The next day the weather was so beautiful, my tour guide to the Katla ice caves couldn't help but comment.
"I am honestly freaked out by this weather. This shouldn't be here."
An uproarious display of Icelandic Humor.
Leaving Vik the next day the wind was replaced by this most stunning sun; low on the horizon and warming everything in its path. In these strange parts of the world, change is the only constant.

Vik, Iceland
Nikon Z6


Ring Road - Iceland


The Ridge of the Volcano